A magical portal. A new World. A price to pay.

‘Hayley Bevan, Magicai, Traveller’. Not something I thought I’d want to be, or even knew existed, but here I am, desperate to come to terms with my new found powers – and all that they have shown me.

Multiple worlds, and magic, everywhere. And all of them are in danger.

My life has changed forever. Yet, the key to my future still lies in my past, and that past is determined to see Sebastian Davenport pay for what he’s done. He’s one mistake away from destroying worlds and I have to stop him.

With Nathan and Zoe to guide me, I’ll face whatever the future holds, but can I face the prospect of losing them, or myself? That’s what it might take to defeat him. I’m not sure I’m prepared to do that – or that I can.

What should I do?