Alchemy and Arcana: An Urban Fantasy Novella Collection

Alchemy and Arcana is out today, and I am super excited to tell you that a second story in my Summer Daniels, Rune Witch Mysteries is available in the set, which is available for the introductory price of 99c!

To celebrate it’s release, here is a quick excerpt of A Magical Bond:


I squirmed beneath the duvet and opened my eyes to the bright morning sun blazing through the window and into the bedroom, then rolled to find Thomas staring at me.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” he said.

“Morning.” I took in the delicious form of the man stretched out beside me. Rays of light danced over his lithe body, twinkling on his firm, smooth skin and highlighting the sparkle in his eyes. Could there be a better sight to wake up to in the morning? The heat radiating through my body didn’t think so.

His strong hand brushed the hair from my shoulder and smoothed a gentle trail down my arm, sending a tingling sensation along my skin. My gaze travelled to his lips and I inhaled the fresh scent of apple shampoo that surrounded him. He leaned in close, a devilish light shining on his face, and damp hair flopping in his eyes. My heart thundered as his lips moved close to mine, but before they could touch, I whipped the sheet between us and giggled. “Not with my morning breath, Mister,” I said.

Thomas leaned back and propped his head on his elbow next to me. “Like that matters, Summer,” he said and pumped his eyebrows comically.

I jumped out of bed and ran to the en-suite. “Says the man who already showered,” I shot back.

Thomas growled in mock frustration.

Before I could reach the bathroom, his mobile rang on the bedside table. As I grabbed the toothpaste. I heard Thomas acknowledge Gwen, a witch friend, but the running tap drowned out the rest of the conversation when I brushed my teeth and washed my face.

Within minutes I was back in the bedroom. “What did Gwen want?” I asked.

“Oh, she wondered if we could pick her up some Alder and Rowan when we were out harvesting.”

Harvesting! It had slipped my mind that we were going to the forest today. Which completely does not sound like me. I’m normally champing at the bit to get there.

Although we try to visit at least once a week, with our busy schedules, we don’t always make it, and it had now been three weeks since our last visit. Trust me, that’s a lifetime to a rune-witch, who channels the magic of trees. I couldn’t wait for the ancient peace of the forest to wash over me and soothe my soul. I’d been so excited last night I’d had trouble sleeping.

“What time is it?” I asked Thomas and jumped on the bed beside him.

He looked at the mobile, “Ten-twenty,” he said.

“Ten-twenty.” I grabbed a pillow and knocked him over the head. “How could you let me sleep so late? We’ve got to go.”

Thomas flipped me onto my back, pinned me with his rock solid presence and traced kisses down my neck. “Well, maybe we have a little more time,” I said as his warm breath caressed my skin.


For the rest of this story, along with 21 more – some by NYT and USA Today bestselling authors, check out Alchemy and Arcana!


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