Independent Necromancers’ Bureau

The Independent Necromancers’ Bureau were my first published books. I am diligently working to bring you the first full length novel, but for some reason I have placed an extraordinary amount of importance on these books and they have to be perfect. I hope you will, therefore, please bear with me if the first novel takes a little longer to complete 🙂

In a world where rogue necromancers control the dead and turn them against the living, The Independent Necromancers’ Bureau works to keep law and order.

Till Death

When some uninvited guests show up at a wedding party, Cassie Dune— an agent with the INB— must fight to stop them. With the aid of Detective Inspector Luke Baron, Cassie must stop a rampaging horde of zombies before it’s too late— an act that causes her to learn more about her power and its origins.


A Matter of Death

When Dylan turns up at agent Cassie Dune’s house just before sunrise, she knows something is up, and anything that bothers a two-hundred year old ghost, is sure to be bad news for Cassie. A necromancer has imprisoned the spirit of Dylan’s friend Elizabeth. Can Cassie find her and save her soul?