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Book Deals – I’m hoping to pay some vet fees!

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We had a terrifying experience with Sky this month. On the morning of the 6th of April, she was fine, but as the day progressed, she went off her food. By the morning of the 7th, it was clear something was very wrong, and we took her to the vet as soon as they opened. An x-ray was inconclusive, but they agreed with our assessment that she had a blockage.


Only a little bit of her scar can be seen (and her crazy belly hair cut)

You see, Sky liked to eat socks. We know this and are always extra careful to keep them away from her. But the offending item in this case was a scrunchie (which have now all been banished from the house), and the scrunchie happened to be lodged in her lower intestine. Luckily Sky survived her emergency surgery and after two days in ‘vet hospital’, she was able to come home Unfortunately she wasn’t out of the woods yet and had to keep very still (not easy with a Labrador), which meant spending weeks locked up in her crate with minimal access to the back garden for toileting.


After five more visits to the vets, they finally gave her the all clear last Friday – thank goodness. No more sleeping on the sofa for me to keep her company!


Missing her walks

Thankfully, we have insurance, but it’s not going to cover the full £4000, so I am hoping to get a few extra sales this month to help us through. Even if you have read them but would still want to help and intend to buy something from Amazon, I use affiliate links, so as long as you access Amazon through here, I might get a little bit of commission.


Thank you for all your help