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February 2024 Giveaway

Congratulations, Kayla!

Welcome to my this month’s newsletter subscriber giveaway.

If you came here from my newsletter, the mailing software has recorded your email. To finish your entry, all you have to do is comment below This giveaway is for my newsletter subscribers only. If you haven’t come from my newsletter and would still like to enter, then you can click here to subscribe!

The giveaway ends on 29th February 2024. The winner will be selected at random using Wheel of Names, and will be announced in the first newsletter to go out in March.

Last months winner was Sam. Good luck!


44 thoughts on “February 2024 Giveaway”

  1. **giveaway comment ** I just wanted to say I found your page while trying to manifest some assistance in my life. Regardless of the giveaway I can’t wait to check out your books. I have always been kind of witchy and didn’t really start embracing that until 2019 during the lockdowns. I’m so happy to have discovered your page and can’t wait to check out your writing

    1. That is so lovely. I consider myself a bit of a baby witch too.
      hope the manifesting is going well. I’ve been working on my vision board and also playing the Prosperity game where I created a pretend ledger. on day 1, I deposited £1,000 in my ledger and then spent it (in the ledger, don’t actually have any real money) on things on my wish list. Each day, I add an extra £1,000 to see my money grow – day 2, £2,000, day 3, £3,000 and so on – and then I spend it 🙂 The idea is meant to be that the universe sees me spending that money and locks me into a vibration that expects that money, which helps me get it.

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