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October 2023 Giveaway



It’s October! I love October 🙂

Welcome to my this month’s newsletter subscriber giveaway.

If you came here from my newsletter, the mailing software has recorded your email. To finish your entry, all you have to do is comment below This giveaway is for my newsletter subscribers only. If you haven’t come from my newsletter and would still like to enter, then you can click here to subscribe!

The giveaway ends on 31st October 2023. The winner will be selected at random using Wheel of Names, and will be announced in the first newsletter to go out in September.

Last months winner can be seen on last month’s post. Good luck!

44 thoughts on “October 2023 Giveaway”

  1. I really don’t read things very carefully when I’m tired. Sorry about that.
    And maybe I’m already on your newsletter roster? I get emails from you with book deals so it’s probably the newsletter. Please forgive this poor, tired old fool.

      1. Hiya!
        Yes. Very good. My wife is a Yorkshire lass. And me? I’m having trouble with numbers. I recently lost my favorite, precious little budgie. Her name was Ellie. She was the sweetest, most affectionate little bird. So we went from eight to seven budgies. But now I have ten! How did that happen? My wife had me get three more to help me get over losing Ellie. They won’t replace her but they’re darling. They were bonded to each other at the pet shop and I didn’t want them to go to separate homes apart from each other.
        You mentioned somewhere that you like autumn. I can’t agree. The damp cold and smell of rotting leaves depresses me. It’s my least favorite season. But I’m happy for those who like autumn. I have my wife and flock of budgies to help me get through the season. It’s been helping me write too. I’m nearing the end of my fourth book with a cliffhanger that matches my mood.
        I pointed you to a collection of short stories that I wrote but I didn’t think to warn you that it had adult language. Sorry! You might like to know that my current series is appropriate for all ages. Swearing isn’t necessary to write a good story.
        I have a long book queue but I’ll have a look for your stories again. I’d like to keep you in my queue. I made time to read Pursuing a Trap and I’ll be watching for books in your Fae Stalker series. As I said, I liked Pursuing a Trap.

  2. Hey Victoria,
    What exam did you pass?
    I liked your books to chek out. I’ve joined so many newsletters that I need to get reading, unsubscribe, or both.
    So many new great authors.
    So little time.

  3. Takes hours to read all the newsletters. Fun about Australia, Wales. War in Israel not so happy. I’m learning to choose books by cover. Haha. No proverbs here.

    1. I hope you had a great Halloween Gayreth. Next for us is bonfire night this Sunday (5th November), also my dad’s 77th birthday.

  4. I love the month of October and it also happens to be my birthday month.Years ago my older sister started gifting me with witch hats for my birthday .I love the excitement of Halloween and when the leaves start to change I also love the crisp air when the weather starts turning cold,but living in Southeast Texas we don’t always get much of a winter.

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