Taken ~ Snippet ~

I thought I’d share a quick snippet of Taken with you 🙂

Thomas was six feet tall, late-twenties, and slim and athletic. His eyes, bluer than a summer sky, were often obscured by his dark brown hair that flopped over them when it wasn’t held in check by the simple black cap he always wore when working. Thomas had said it was my old eyes that first caught his attention, but, stand out features that they were, it wasn’t Thomas’ eyes or hair that first caught mine. That would be his muscular chest and arms, and a body lithe from a lifetime of Krav Maga. His insanely good looks only distracted from how deadly he could be. Platt’s men had been surprised when he’d tossed them about. Given their bulk, I doubt anyone had knocked them off their feet before. Yet, I felt uneasy taking this case. Platt was a dangerous goblin. Thomas and I had caught him unprepared at the house, but he didn’t strike me as the type to forgive and forget, even if we did manage to bring his daughter home.

I was about to take a peek over the edge of the window when a frosty shiver ran through me. The world stopped. Time stopped. Dust hung motionless in the air. The hum of voices stilled. Something was happening. Coming…

A whirlwind gathered at the edge of my consciousness. A rush of unnatural air pushed against me, bringing with it the scent of rust and mildew. Then, as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone, sucking all the air out of my lungs as it disappeared.

Closing my eyes, I counted to ten and prayed that Thomas was okay. I knew too well he’d been attacked. His wards had activated in defence and caused a magical backlash.

A sense of movement came from below as I listened to the faint susurrus of the air around me. “You can do this,” I said and took a final deep breath before peering through the window. My vision blurred from the pain in my stomach. I forced myself to focus and willed my vision to clear.

Then I saw Thomas, motionless on the ground. My stomach began to heave as my mind screamed that this was all my fault. I’d had a bad feeling about this case from the start. We should have been curled up in bed after a night of watching movies and eating pizza.

Instead, Thomas was lying prostrate on the ground, and I felt like a pane of safety glass that had been shattered into a billion shards and was only being held together by the laminated outside.

Memories of how we met surfaced in my mind. The cheesy nightclub, filled with the putrid smell of stale sweat, alcohol, and cigarette smoke. At sixteen, I was underage, but had been dragged out by a well-meaning, if slightly mischievous, friend. Lisa and I had completed our exams. We were on top of the world, not afraid to talk to anyone, especially not the model-sexy boy who stood next to us at the bar. Thomas Heart lived up to his name and stole mine.

There was a stillness to him. Something that focused my energies and made me feel like it was okay to be me. The soft, steady tone of his voice. The way he woke every morning and went through his martial arts stances and movements. The smile on his face, as he left the shower afterwards.

I’d lost Nana and Mam, and Dad had never been in the picture, but I had Thomas. Thomas was my life.

I love Thomas, maybe a little more than I love Summer. I’ll be sad to see the end of these characters when the series ends with the next book. Although, they do appear in the short I wrote for the Secrets in the Shadows anthology: Exile:The Silure Dragons – The set is available for only 99c or in KU, but it comes out of Kindle Unlimited in a short while and I will be able to share that story with you as soon as it does 🙂

And of course, if you haven’t already read Taken – you can pick it up on Kindle for FREE 🙂

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