Eira Snow Cozy Mysteries

Where There’s a Witch, There’s a Way: An Eira Snow Cozy Mystery #1


A body, a ghost, a murder, and a cat! Eira never dreamed moving home would be so … deadly.

Eira’s looking for a fresh start following her divorce. But when she heads home to the place of her birth and opens her spiritual shop, Crystal Magic, what she discovers is a fresh corpse and a ghost declaring herself murdered.

She soon has her hands full, hunting for a killer, training a new apprentice witch, and searching for a home for the murder victim’s sweet, floofy cat. Not to mention, dating or not dating the charming Aaron Jenkins. Who knows how dating is supposed to work after twenty-years away from the game?

Eira’s instincts are pulling her in every direction, but with her criminal and callous ex on her mind, can she learn to trust in herself, focus her abilities, and find the killer?

Grab Where There’s a Witch, There’s a Way and cozy up with your new favourite witch today!





A Word to the Witch: An Eira Snow Cozy Mystery #2



A stolen watch, a secret untold, a rising body count! Eira’s going to need more than magic to solve this mystery!

With a high-profile competition taking place at the local hotel and spa, Gemma enters the competition, and Eira and her new-found friend decide to accompany her and enjoy a spa break.

When the head judge, a celebrity chef is murdered and his watch is stolen, Eira must use her wits and a little bit of magic to solve the case.

Join witch Eira Snow, her bubbly apprentice Fleur Evans, and a cast of quirky characters as they solve a new mystery in the quaint Welsh village of Caerleon.

A Word to the Witch is the second book in the Eira Snow series of paranormal cozy mysteries. If you like believable characters, fun mysteries with surprising clues, then you’ll love Victoria DeLuis’ delightful story.

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