Independent Necromancers’ Bureau

A Grave Death: Independent Necromancers’ Bureau Book One


One rogue necromancer. Two brutal murders. Four Zombie hordes. Time for coffee?


If you think working the graveyard shift is easy… you’re dead wrong!


It’s Cassie Dune’s job to deal with zombies, catch and remove unwanted ghosts, and track down rogue necromancers. But today, she’s also after a killer.

After her friend and mentor is found dead in a graveyard, and Cassie discovers that his soul has been severed from his body to prevent him talking to anyone in death, she vows to catch his killer.

But that doesn’t prove easy. Not when she has a new partner to break in, and everywhere she turns there’s a zombie horde to contend with.

Cassie’s the most powerful necromancer in the Northern Hemisphere, but dark deeds are at play, and the only things she can rely on are good, home-cooked meals from her deceased roommate, and cuddles from her cat.

One thing is for certain, it’s time to rattle some bones…


Cassie lives in a world of myth and magic, where ghosts pop over to cook her breakfast, and zombies terrify the living. If you’re looking for a fun, action packed mystery with a touch of romance, then A Grave Death is for you.

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Independent Necromancers’ Bureau: Short Story Collection: Till Death & A Matter of Death

A Cat, a Ghost, and a Zombie walk into the room…


Cassie Dune is an agent of the Independent Necromancers’ Bureau and the most powerful necromancer in the Northern Hemisphere. She lives in a world of myth and magic, where ghosts pop over to cook her breakfast, and zombies terrify the living. 

In Till Death, when some uninvited guests show up at a wedding, Cassie must fight to stop them. With the aid of Detective Inspector Luke Baron, she works to overcome a rampaging horde of zombies before it’s too late. An act that causes her to learn more about her power and its origins.

When Dylan turns up at Cassie’s house just before sunrise in A Matter of Death, she knows something is up. Anything that bothers a two-hundred-year-old ghost, is sure to be bad news for Cassie. A necromancer has imprisoned the spirit of Dylan’s friend Elizabeth. Can Cassie find her and save her soul? 


If you’re looking for a couple of fun, action packed mysteries with a touch of humour, then these short stories are for you.

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